About Me

Hello random reader, Pedro here.
Designer by day.. also a designer by night.
But also: a husband & father of two.
Your average Joe basically, but balder.

I live in Porto, Portugal.
Travelled a little to some amazing corners
of the world, but settled down in my hometown.

My hobbies include:
– panicking at every little thing;
– play with my kids;
– the never-ending journey to better myself;
– type without erors.

After over a decade avoiding making art for a living, since it’s so easy and all, knowing it’s what I live and breathe, I finally gave in to it and decided to push myself into the world of 3D.

Along the way I made a family and it wouldn’t be the same without the people who cheer for you the most.
Deep down we all look for approval, recognition, love..
No matter the project or job you’re in, its success shouldn’t be celebrated alone at the finish line.
To me it’s a daily happiness that we share.

This piece is a gift to my wife and first son.